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OriGrafix Fun (Out of Print)

Preprinted bold and beautiful origami designs in easy-to-fold large formats.

OriGrafix Japan (Out of Print)

Preprinted with bold and beautiful designs in easy-to-fold large formats.

Other Side River: Free Verse (Out of Print)

The second stunning volume of modern Japanese women poets.


A critical biography of a modern Japanese literary giant, whose brilliant career ended in a spectacular ritual suicide.

Pop Goes Korea (Out of Print)

The story of South Korea's pop-cultural revolution is a tale of rapid growth, wild personalities, and uncanny success.

Professor Risley and the Imperial Japanese Troupe

The unlikely history of early cross-cultural encounters between the West and Japan, featuring acrobats, jugglers, and a colorful American impresario.

Right under the big sky, I don't wear a hat

Haiku and occasional essays from an eccentric personality.

Sacred Sanskrit Words

A simple guide to over 160 key spiritual concepts behind yoga and other branches of Eastern wisdom.

Sarasa Woodblock Patterns (Out of Print)

Classical woodblock designs for creative gifts and inspiration.

Shinto Meditations for Revering the Earth

The first book in English to apply ancient Japanese Shinto traditions to daily spiritual fulfillment.

Speak and Read Chinese

A handy supplement to studying characters in class or independently that teaches useful tricks for remembering words and tones.

Speak and Read Japanese

A handy supplement for learning 300 of the most common Japanese words, works with any textbook!

Stencil Patterns (Out of Print)

The splendid designs of traditional Asia in a spectacular color format for artists and art lovers.

Still Life and Other Stories

A stunning tapestry of everyday life.

Tantra of the Tachikawa Ryu (Out of Print)

"Enlightenment can only be realized through sexual union, the supreme Buddha activity."


A beloved Japanese Zen temple, viewed through its monks, gardens, prayers, and art.

The Anime Companion 2 (Out of Print)

Become an expert on cultural details commonly seen in Japanese animation, movies, comics and TV shows.

The Big Bang, the Buddha, and the Baby Boom (Out of Print)

Hang on for a wild journey through the political and spiritual adventures of the baby-boom generation

The Broken Bridge (Out of Print)

Absorbing fiction from Outsiders in a land that does not absorb foreigners easily.

The Cape

An award-winning translation of the classic novella about the Japanese ghetto.