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The Little Exile

An American girl of Japanese ancestry is exiled in her own country after Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.




The Making of Modern China (vol. 4)

The fourth volume in this fun, comic-style series that explores China's move to modernization!

The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film

The hottest directors, their coolest films . . . A complete guide to today's Japanese movie renaissance

The Mikado's Empire (Out of Print)

In its day the most popular book on the culture and history of then-mysterious Japan.

The Name of the Flower (Out of Print)

Extraordinary stories of everyday life.

The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories

China's hottest literary genre brings together the traditional, the experimental, and the avant-garde.

The Silver Spoon

Perhaps the most admired childhood memoir ever written in Japan, The Silver Spoon is a sharp detailing of life at the end of the Meiji period (1912) through the eyes of a boy as he grows into adolescence.

Understanding China Through Comics

Who founded China? Who are the Chinese people? What is Chinese culture and how has it changed over time? The Understanding China Through Comics series answers these questions and more.

The Way of Taiko (Out of Print)

The essential English-language guide to the exciting world of Japanese spiritual drumming.

Things Japanese (Out of Print)

An erudite voyage through the details and customs of Japanese life.

Tokyo Story (Out of Print)

Here is a translation of the Japanese screenplay to Tokyo Story, with critical observations by Donald Richie on Ozu’s filmmaking, a filmography, and twenty stills. Students of screenwriting will learn much from Ozu’s lean approach, while film lovers will treasure this unique keepsake of a great cinematic achievement.

Travels in the East (Out of Print)

Aventures and contemplations throughout the world by a master storyteller, critic, and expatriate writer.

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

The first-hand account of an intrepid woman's exploration of Japan's interior in 1878.

Viewed Sideways

In this new collection, Richie once again demonstrates his mastery of the essay and his deep knowledge about Japan.

Waiting on the Weather (Out of Print)

A revealing memoir about the director and his films, by his first assistant for fifty years.

Warring Clans, Flashing Blades

50 more must-see martial arts films.

Watching Anime, Reading Manga

The first book-length collection by the most respected writer on anime and manga today

Wind and Stone

In detailing the affair between a garden designer and his client's wife, this stylistic Japanese novel explores the roots of passion.


Thirty years after its first publication, Womansword remains a timely, provocative work on how words reflect on female roles in modern Japan. 

Yoga Heart

The much-anticipated follow-up to the author's highly popular Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By.