Albert Wolfe

Albert Wolfe is an American who teaches English at Guangdong Peizheng College in Guangzhou, China. He started teaching himself Chinese when he went to China in 2005. The first real test of his spoken Chinese was in his sixth month in China when he was invited to play a gig with a local rock band - no one in the band spoke English. At the beginning of his second year, Albert started a blog ( to share tips and strategies he was learning. He discovered that other students of Chinese, who had found the standard array of books and resources lacking in adequate or practical information, eagerly adopted his techniques. Chinese 24/7 is Albert's response to the popular demand for a printed and audio-track version of his tips, strategies, and explanations. He has served as a translator in several capacities and has even written a few Chinese pop songs of his own. To this day, Albert has never taken a formal class on Chinese.


  • "This is a uniquely useful guide to speaking Mandarin Chinese, rooted in an abundance of linguistic street smarts."
    Saipan Tribune on Chinese 24/7
  • “I highly recommend Chinese 24/7 to any new learner of Mandarin for its humor, insights into culture, practicality, and readability."
    James B. Ditsworth,
  • “He understands what a western learner goes through, unlike all those Chinese grannies from BLCU writing books containing language that no one speaks on the streets anymore (except for the other grannies they meet in the park) and using teaching methods which would apply best to Chinese infants, not to western adults.”