Amy Chavez

Amy Chavez has lived in Japan for 25 years, and is proprietor of the Moooo! Bar & Cafe on Shiraishi Island in the Inland Sea, where she helps tourists with reservations, language support, and cultural guidance.

She writes about cultural differences between Japan and the West for the Japan Times, Huffpo, and RocketNews24.


  • "Sixteen years of writing on the country have honed her take on the subject, and it is in her experience as a writer and an observer that her strengths lie."
    —Kyoto Journal
  • "In my 60-plus years of attempting to describe what it means to be Japanese and how to interact effectively with them, I found Amy Chavez's book . . . the most novel, the most fascinating, and one of the most insightful descriptions of the Japanese character”
    —Boye Lafayette De Mente, author of 30+ pioneer books on Japan