Andrew Horvat

Visiting professor at Tokyo Keizai University and lecturer at Showa Women's University, Andrew Horvat teaches courses on cross-cultural communication, language policy, and Northeast Asian regional issues. Born in 1946 in Hungary, Horvat escaped from his homeland in the aftermath of the abortive uprising of 1956. He and his family emigrated to Canada where he graduated in 1968 from the University of British Columbia and obtained his M.A. in Japanese literature in 1971. His thesis was on the short stories of novelist Kobo Abe. Between 1999 and 2005 he was the Japan representative of the Asia Foundation. Horvat is competent in English, Japanese and, Hungarian and has studied Korean, Russian and Spanish. He has written and translated nine books including Kaikoku no susume (Open Up, Japan!) (Kodansha 1998) and Japanese Beyond Words (Stone Bridge Press 2000).


  • "Andrew Horvat has written a witty, intelligent, and practical guide to one of the world's less practical languages and the culture behind it."
    Edward Seidensticker, Professor Emeritus of Japanese, Columbia University, on Japanese Beyond Words
  • "Instructive and entertaining."
    Donald Richie, for The Japan Times, on Japanese Beyond Words