Andrew Osmond

Andrew Osmond is a British journalist specializing in film and animation. His first book, BFI Film Classics: Spirited Away, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008 -- "Persuasively and fluidly written" (Time Out London), "the kind of poetic, insightful examination that Spirited Away deserves" (Ain't It Cool News). Osmond has gained high praise for his thoughtful and intellectual take on animation, and is seen as an expert in his field. His new work Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist, about veteran Japanese animator and director Satoshi Kon, is a stunningly rich exploration of an influential filmmaker.


  • "Anime has few who write about film as well as Osmond, or simply write as well as him. He offers a clarity in explaining how ideas are expressed through the medium that is not often found in English language writing on anime."
    Ain't It Cool News
  • "Osmond has done a fine job of conveying the sometimes complex traits of the film that have confused many Western (and Japanese) audiences since the film debuted in 2001. He also does quite a good job when it comes to the background to the film, and to Miyazaki himself, going into some detail about his career to date and how is personal experiences helped shape the film.
    Overall, the book is a definite must-read companion to the film. It does an excellent job of stripping away some of the layers and, at least for myself, has lead to a clearer understanding of the film."
    The Animation Anomaly on BFI: Spirited Away
  • "the kind of poetic, insightful examination that Spirited Away deserves"
    Ain't It Cool News on BFI: Spirited Away
  • "Persuasively and fluidly written"
    Time Out London on BFI: Spirited Away