Frank MacHovec

Dr. MacHovec is a retired clinical psychologist who worked 30 years in mental health clinics and hospitals and in private practice. In addition to BA, MA, and PhD degrees, he earned two post-PhD diplomates and was a certified forensics examiner who testified as expert witness in civil and criminal cases.


  • "The goal of Light from the East is to present the wisdom of Asia without bias, not to convert or persuade but to allow the light to shine of and by itself. I made every effort to stay out of the way of and not distort that pure, natural light. Every available version of ancient writings was used, in an effort to discern what was most likely the original intent. Read this book you will be able to see how similar Eastern philosophies and religions are, that there is in fact one light from the East."
    From the Introduction
  • “As a seasoned licensed therapist, I found this book to be a great summary of major theories of psychology and psychotherapy as well the new DSM V, the diagnostic guide for mental health professionals. I especially enjoyed the self-help/wellness section at the end. Readers will learn how to discern what is within the realm of ‘normal’ and what behaviors, thought patterns, or emotional reactions need further evaluation by qualified mental health professionals. A must-have book.”
    Paul E. Crouch, LCSW, BCD, on So You Think You're Crazy
  • “This book will appeal to anyone who might be considering an assessment for psychotherapy, as it may help them understand and resolve their issues sooner. Dr. Machovec presents his information using philosophical and historical contexts to better ground the reader in the concepts being discussed. A compact and thorough pre-therapy manual.”
    Stuart C. Tentoni, PhD, Former Director of Counseling and Training, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on So You Think You're Crazy