Gil Asakawa

Gil Asakawa has worked in the media as a writer, editor, music critic and online expert for 30 years. He's currently Manager of Audience Development for MediaNews Group, the parent company of The Denver Post and San Jose Mercury News.

Gil and his partner Erin Yoshimura recently launched, a website featuring live interviews with Asian American Pacific Islander leaders to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


  • "Being Japanese American a superb guide to avoiding breaches of tact around Japanese friends, family, or visitors, regardless of one's own ethnic heritage or background, and is also chock-full of helpful ways to embrace, preserve, and treasure one's cultural identity."
    Midwest Book Review
  • "Being Japanese American offers a great opportunity for JAs to process their feelings and experiences in relationship to other JAs who, through their stories and photos, share empathy and understanding."
    The Asian Reporter's Book Review
  • "Teens who want to know a little more about contemporary Japanese American culture beyond all the history books about the World War II internment experience will find great information here."
    Voice of Youth Advocates, April 2005 Issue