Homare Endo


Dr. Homare Endo is the author of Japanese Girl at the Siege of Changchun. She was born in China in 1941, lived through the Chinese Revolutionary War, and returned to Japan in 1953. She is a Doctor of Science, director of the Center of International Relations at Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare, and professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba. She was a visiting researcher and professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Among her published works are Mo Takuto: Nihongun to kyobo shita otoko (Mao Zedong: The Man who Conspired with the Japanese Army; in Japanese and Chinese), Chaina Sebun: Akai kotei Shu Kinpei (The China Seven: The Red Emperor Xi Jinping), Chaina nain: Chugoku o ogokasu kyunin no otoko-tachi (The China Nine: The Nine Men who Move China), Netto taikoku Chugoku: Genron o meguru kobo (Internet Superpower China: The Battle over Freedom of Speech), Chaina Jajji: Mo Takuto ni narenakatta otoko (Bo Xilai: The Man who Failed to Become a Second Mao Zedong), Kanzen kaidoku: Chugoku gaiko senryaku no nerai (An In-depth Study: The Aims of Chinese Foreign Policy), Chugoku-jin ga eranda wasuto Chugoku-jin banzuke: Yahari akai Chugoku wa fuhai de horobiru (The Worst Chinese as Selected by the Chinese: Corruption Will Bring Red China Down in the End), and Chugoku doman shinjin-rui: Nihon no anime to manga ga Chugoku o ugokasu (The Chinese Anime-Manga Tribe: Japanese Anime and Manga Shake China).



  • Praise for Homare Endo's previous books on Changchun

    “A tour de force.”—Mainichi Shinbun

    “[Homare Endo] may love [her homeland] but says, ‘What happened at Changchun is a stain that remains on the birth of modern China. It is time to speak out about the truth!’ And we agree.”—Asahi Shinbun

    “An exceptional true-to-life documentary narrative.”—Yomiuri Shinbun