John Stevens

John Stevens lived in Japan for thirty-five years, where he was a professor of Buddhist studies at Tohoku Fukushi University in Sendai. Stevens is a widely respected translator, an ordained Buddhist priest, a curator of several major exhibitions of Zen art, and an aikido instructor. He has authored more than thirty books and is one of the foremost Western experts on aikido, holding a ranking of 7th dan Aikikai. Stevens has also studied calligraphy for decades, authoring the classic Sacred Calligraphy of the East.


  • "To sit with the poems of the Buddhist nun Rengetsu is to allow a teacher into the depths of oneís mind. Over the winter, this has been my practice, taking up a few of Rengetsuís winter-inspired verses from the John Stevensí translation, Lotus Moon . . ."
    Bonnie Myotai Treace, Shambhala Sun
  • "It is a powerful, enlightening and sexually alluring journey that the reader will enjoy being taken on."
    Paul Rest,
  • "Lust for Enlightenment is by no means exhaustive, but it is well-researched, and Stevens writes with eloquent ease. His translations of poems are fluid. John Stevens' book is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and contributes to a discussion that is only now beginning in earnest here in the West."
    Sam Hamill, Tricycle on Lust for Enlightenment