Linda Watanabe McFerrin

A winner of the Nimrod International Journal Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction, Linda Watanabe McFerrin's work has also appeared in Wild Places and American Fiction. Her novel, Namako: Sea Cucumber was published by Coffee House Press and named Best Book for the Teen-Age by the New York Public Library. Her collection of award-winning short stories, The Hand of Buddha, was published in 2000. She is also a contributor and publishing partner in the recently released Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel. Linda is currently at work on a novel set in China.

Linda holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature and a Master of Arts degree in creative writing. A popular panelist, lecturer and workshop leader, she has been a Mentor for the Loft Literary Series, a guest instructor at the Oklahoma Institute for the Arts and a judge of the San Francisco Literary Competition. When she is not on the road, she directs art, consults on communications and product development and teaches Creative Writing.


  • "Delightfully disgusting, Dead Love is the new horror genre at its best. Fans of Twilight, World War Z, and Neil Gaiman will devour this fine novel whole."
  • This novel about a live dead girl combines an international chase, the suspense of a thriller, a soupçon of sensuality, some wonderfully lyrical episodes, and a set of brand new rules for ghouls. It is as delectable and dangerous as a plate of fugu. I read it in a single sitting."
    Tim Cahill, author of Pass the Butterworms, Hold the Enlightenment, and Jaguars Ripped My Flesh
  • "Elegantly written, Namako: Sea Cucumber captures, with startling accuracy and wisdom, the confusion of a young girl growing up in two vastly different cultures."
    Coffee House Press, Fall / Winter 1998-1999
  • "Rare is the writer that I know who has created her own genre . . . Linda writes with such verisimilitude that you'll never have to leave home again."
    Perry Garfinkel
  • "Namako is a novel about a child's virgin dance with the truth with lies and secrets. Each new violation of trust is like a footprint on the tundra, refining the way the child walks through life."
    Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times, October 11,1998
  • "Women struggle to make sense of their lives in this warm-hearted collection from novelist and poet McFerrin . . . inspirational fodder for spiritually inclined readers."
    Publisher's Weekly, September 25, 2000
  • "McFerrin's writing is strong and beautiful, almost like poetry, and the result is a provocative, sometimes humorous, and always colorful collection about women from a variety of generations, cultures, and backgrounds."
    Library Journal, October 1, 2000
  • "Linda Watanabe McFerrin's poetry rises from the true encounter between language and vision, between wonder and exploration fused with the poet's need to uncover the mysteries of the earth."
    Ray Gonzalez, Bloomsbury Review
  • "A work of imagination and precision – intriguing verbs – everything folded with sharp creases and then unfolded so that the pattern and shadow of the creases makes its mark on the larger field of your perception."
    Kathleen Frasier