Patrick Galloway

Film critic Patrick Galloway won over readers with film guides Stray Dogs & Lone Wolves: The Samurai Film Handbook, and Asia Shock: Horror and Dark Cinema from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand. A lifelong student of Asian philosophy and culture, Galloway has traveled in Japan, Hong Kong, India and Nepal. He lives in the Bay Area.


  • "Galloway's contextualization of the genre is masterly, one of the clearest and most succinct explanations I have read on the whole historical samurai phenomenon."
    The Daily Yomiuri
  • "Galloway has all sorts of interesting insights and facts that'll make you want to re-watch your [favorite films], or check out some that youĂ­ve never seen."
  • "Asia Shock has a conversational feel, as if you're sitting down with a film buddy and just discussing the film."
  • "This in my opinion is one of the great essential asian film lover books to be published that deals with the asian horror culture."