Shun Medoruma

Akutagawa Prize–winner and activist Shun Medoruma was born in Okinawa. He has written unique novels that are based on Okinawan nature, history, and climate, focusing especially on the Battle of Okinawa and memories of that war experience. Medoruma often expresses his strong anti-base political views through his articles in the local newspapers—and in his blog.


  • “Generally regarded as Okinawa’s most adventurous and promising writer of fiction today.”
    Michael Molasky, University of Minnesota
  • “{A] uniquely visceral and realistic writing style creates a powerful portrait of a chain of sorrow that has destroyed human beings through the generations. Readers will yet again be astonished by the talents of the author, who obviously released this complex work after thoroughly crafting it."
    Sadatoshi Oshiro, author
  • “One of Okinawa’s leading literary figures and critical intellectual voices since receiving the coveted Akutagawa Prize in 1997. . . . His writing about Okinawan war memory and trauma stands out as particularly powerful and important.”
    Kyle Ikeda, University of Vermont