Stuart D. B. Picken

Ordained a minister in the Church of Scotland, Stuart Picken has taught religion and philosophy in Japan since 1972 and serves as international adviser to the High Priest of the Tsubaki Grand Shrine, Mie Pref. His books include Shinto: Japan's Spiritual Roots and Essentials of Shinto.


  • "Rather than telling a single story, the chapters are independent essays that can usefully be studied separately. Taken together, they form an encyclopedic compendium on this complex socio/reglious phenomenon. Picken has created a reference work that is indispensable for scholars of Asian, and comparative, religion and which is helpful for improving our understanding of this neglected tradition."
    Canadian Philosophical Reviews, on Essentials of Shinto
  • "Given the scarcity of materials, this is valuable material for anyone in the West seeking to ‘practice’ Shinto."
    Green Shinto