Wayne P. Lammers

Wayne Lammers is a translator of Japanese into English, working out of Portland, Oregon. Lammers grew up in Japan in an American household, using English at home and Japanese everywhere else. After building on this bilingual foundation by specializing in Japanese studies in college and graduate school, he taught Japanese language, literature, and culture at the university level for a number of years.


  • "In concise, meticulous prose, Lammers intends to teach absolute beginners how to use manga to learn to speak and read conversational Japanese. . . . Although Lammers suggests that this book will be useful for beginners, he presents information in such a fast-paced way that readers will best be served by using the book as a supplement to a language class."
    Library Journal
  • "Get a jump on preparing for that eventual pilgrimage to Japan by learning the language now -- and what easier way than with manga? Japanese: The Manga Way teaches the differences and structures of the language using actual manga panels. Sneaky!"
    Wizard Anime Insider
  • "Memorably uncanny . . . the powerful mood of Strangers lingers well after its graceful, downbeat ending has passed."
  • "Restrained and moving . . . what might have been a simple ghost story evolves into a psychologically acute portrait."
    Daily Telegraph