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China Smart


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China Smart

What You Don’t Know, What You Need to Know— A Past & Present Guide to History, Culture, Society, Language

Essential essays on all things Chinese that inform and entertain travelers, students, and anyone working or living in China.

How is China organized politically? What are the issues that young people face in today's China? What is China doing about its problem with pollution? Is the Chinese internet like our internet? What's China's role in the world today? And how much do you know about China's great woman emperor or the Chinese explorer whose voyages may have inspired the legend of Sinbad the Sailor? What are the major Chinese holidays, their superstitions regarding numbers, and the true nature of the Chinese written language? 

In nearly 60 brief essays, long-time China expert Larry Herzberg tackles important facts and myths about China, its history, people, and culture, as well as its contemporary society. Anyone dipping into this book will emerge that much smarter about China, whether visiting, conducting business, studying the language, or simply being fascinated by one of the world's greatest and most influential civilizations.

Praise for CHINA SMART

"An invaluable resource for travelers to China as well as those who want to learn more about the country in a succinct format without having the need to page through dry and dense history tomes."

The Manhattan Book Review

Praise for his previous work CHINA SURVIVAL GUIDE

“An ideal, pocket-sized, 264 page compendium packed from cover to cover with practical advice, insightful commentary, and invaluable tips on places to go, things to see, what to do, and what to avoid. . . . China Survival Guide should be considered an essential 'take-along' for anyone visiting China for business or pleasure.”

Midwest Book Review, May 2014

"Like [having] a professional guide walking alongside you answering your many questions. . . . A must for your next China visit!"

Travel Answer Man Online

"Thank goodness for Larry and Qin Herzberg! Their book was invaluable in helping me anticipate some of the more foreign aspects of traveling in China, not to mention that the book is hilarious! Travel groups will benefit from their expertise on surviving in China with grace and humor."

Susan Glassburn Larimer, China Travel Coordinator, Indiana University School of Social Work

Praise for his previous work BASIC PATTERNS OF CHINESE GRAMMAR

Typically enthusiastic ONLINE reviewer says: "I am stunned, stuffed and totally amazed that "Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar...." wasn't one of the compulsory first year texts for a Mandarin speak-read-write course ! It is critical for any student aspiring to speak Mandarin / Hanyu to buy this book as soon as possible ( I can't emphasize this entreaty strongly enough - BUY THIS BOOK ). Others have given the technical reasons for buying it so as a struggling, long-suffering, ongoing student I'll restrict myself to endorsing it."


"Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings is for everyday readers looking for pithy sayings, deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and a unique look at the Chinese language."

The Rapidian

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About the Author(s)

Larry and Qin Herzberg

Larry and Qin Herzberg

Co-authors of Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student’s Guide to Correct Structures and Common Errors (Stone Bridge Press, 2011) and Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings: With Observations on Culture and Language (Stone Bridge Press, 2012).

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