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Gardens of Gravel and Sand

A simple and provocative book offering a revisionist photo-essay on the ever-popular Japanese "dry landscape" or "rock" gardens. Not Zen, possibly art, more like "meta-gardens," gravel and sand compositions reject nature, yet are made of omnipresent natural dust. 

Quick to crumble, they are defiantly maintained by priest/rakers. Credited with philosophical profundity, their origins are murky, their meanings uncertain but immediate. Koren deliberately ignores "celebrity" rocks, moss, and foliage to demystify and explore a most peculiar human enterprise. 

Beautifully illustrated with duotone photographs of gravel and sand gardens in Kyoto.

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About the Author(s)

Marc Peter Keane

Marc Peter Keane

Lived in Japan for 20 years, designing gardens for individuals, companies, and temples. Author of The Japanese Tea Garden, The Art of Setting Stones and Japanese Garden Design (Tuttle Publishing, 2000). He is co-author (with Jiro Takei) of Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden, (Tuttle, 2001).

Leonard Koren

Leonard Koren

Trained as an artist and architect, writes books about design and aesthetics. Among his most popular books are Wabi-Sabi and Arranging Things. He lives in San Francisco.