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I Wait For The Moon

I Wait For The Moon

100 Haiku of Momoko Kuroda

Abigail Friedman

Author, Commentary

Momoko Kuroda (b. 1938) is a remarkable haiku spirit and a powerfully independent Japanese woman.

I wait for fireflies / I wait as if for someone / who will never return

The first work in English devoted entirely to this modern haiku master, with 100 poems plus commentary on the poet's life, social context, form and technique

Momoko Kuroda (b. 1938) is a remarkable haiku spirit and a powerfully independent Japanese woman. The one hundred poems here—her first collection in English—show her evolution as a poet, her acute lyricism, and her engagement as a writer in issues central to modern Japan: postwar identity, nuclear politics, and Fukushima. Abigail Friedman's introduction and textual commentaries provide important background and superb insight into poetic themes and craft. 

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"Despite her popularity in Japan, the haiku poet Momoko Kuroda has had few of her works translated into English. This handsome volume remedies the situation and more."

Frogpond - Haiku Society of America

"The book itself honors the poetic form; it is carefully crafted and beautiful in its details, inviting readers to savor the words—and wisdom within."

—Story Circle Book Review

"Kuroda’s poetry provides new insight about a culture through one of its most celebrated art forms."

—The Absolute

"The haiku are well written, evocative and offer lucid, lyrical statements - the images immediately appealing."


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About the Author(s)

Momoko Kuroda

Momoko Kuroda

Published five collections of haiku, and authored or co-authored another 22 prose works including essays, season- word compendiums, books on haiku for beginners, and a two-volume set of interviews with notable Showa-era poets.

Abigail Friedman

Abigail Friedman

A retired diplomat and accomplished, award-winning haiku poet, began composing haiku in a haiku group that met at the foot of Mt. Fuji, led by Japanese haiku master Momoko Kuroda.

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