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The Inland Sea

The Inland Sea

The complete version of the travel writing classic with photography by Yoichi Midorikawa.

In this acclaimed travel memoir, Donald Richie paints a memorable portrait of the island-studded Inland Sea. His existential ruminations on food, culture, and love and his brilliant descriptions of life and landscape are a window into an Old Japan that has now nearly vanished. 

Included are the twenty black and white photographs by Yoichi Midorikawa that accompanied the original 1971 edition.

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"The Inland Sea still gleams with the freshness of discovery. Years ago it was often called one of the great travel books, and so it seems today."

The National Post

"A welcome reissue of the book Richie published in 1971, which has been celebrated as a classic in travel literature."

Thomas BeVier, Foreword Reviews Winter 2016 Issue

"It is a wonderful reminder of the joys of taking oneself out of one’s usual element, of the comfort of strangers, of drifting without fixed destination, and of those fleetingly satori moments of mindful self-awareness that snatch the solitary traveller."

Jasper Sharp, All The Anime

"Richie’s book, on its surface a travel account, is a beautiful reflection on all things Japanese by one of the country’s most acute observers. Anyone with an interest in Japan would enjoy this book, and those lucky enough to be on a voyage through the Inland Sea even more so."


"A legendary book in the Japan field. The newest edition by Stone Bridge Press deserves a place of honor In your bookshelf—and in your mind."

Alexis Agliano Sanborn, JQ Magazine

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About the Author(s)

Donald Richie

Donald Richie

Well known for his instrumental role in introducing Japanese film to the West and for his travel memoir The Inland Sea, which was adapted into a popular PBS documentary. 

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