The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film


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The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film

The hottest directors, their coolest films . . . A complete guide to today's Japanese movie renaissance.

An eye-opening portrait of a vibrant film culture, The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film is the most comprehensive study of the Japanese filmmaking scene yet written. Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp explore the astounding resurgence of Japanese cinema, both live action and animated, profiling 19 contemporary Japanese filmmakers, from the well-known (Kitano, Miike, Miyazaki) to the up-and-coming (Naomi Kawase, Satoshi Kon, Shinya Tsukamoto) and reviewing 97 of their recent films. 

With 100+ images from behind and in front of the camera, this is a book any film lover will savor. Foreword by Hideo Nakata, director of Ring.

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About the Author(s)

Tom Mes

Tom Mes

Founder and co-editor of, the world's leading English-language publication on contemporary Japanese cinema. His work has appeared in such magazines as Fangoria, Impact, Japan Magazine and Skrien.

Jasper Sharp

Jasper Sharp

Author of Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema  (FAB Press) and the Historical Dictionary of Japanese Cinema (Scarecrow Press), as well as co-author, with Tom Mes, of The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film (Stone Bridge Press).