The Minamata Story


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The Minamata Story

An EcoTragedy

A powerful graphic novel /manga that tells the story of "Minamata disease," a debilitating and sometimes fatal condition caused by the Chisso chemical factory's careless release of methylmercury into the waters of the coastal community of Minamata in southern Japan. First identified in 1956, it became a hot topic in Japan in the 1970s and 80s, growing into an iconic struggle between people versus corporations and government agencies. 

The event is also the subject of the 2020 Andrew Levitas directed Johnny Depp film, Minamata. 

This struggle is relevant today, not simply because many people are still living with the disease but also because, in this time of growing concern over the safety of our environment--viz. Flint, Michigan--Minamata gives us as a very moving example of such human-caused environmental disasters and what we can do about them.

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About the Author(s)

Sean Michael Wilson

Sean Michael Wilson

Sean Michael Wilson is a comic book writer from Scotland who has had more than 30 books published with a variety of US, UK and Japanese publishers.

Akiko Shimojima

Akiko Shimojima

A comic artist from Japan whose comics have been published by several companies in Japan as well as worldwide.