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The Way of Taiko

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Japanese taiko drumming, an ancient sacred harvest-time practice, has evolved into a form of mental, physical, and martial arts training combining rhythm, harmony, and movement. This book is for anyone who plays taiko or is fascinated by the instruments, dances, and compositions of a typically powerful taiko performance.

"This beautifully designed paperback . . . is the first book on the subject to appear in English. . . . [and] presents a succinct overview of taiko, and how it has evolved into a form of mental, physical, and martial arts training that generates rhythm, harmony, and movement."

Spirituality and Practice

"Varian presents an understanding of Taiko to a beginner by basically presenting everything they need to know to get started, not only in appreciation, but also the use of Taiko for their own purpose and enjoyment."

Reader Views

"Packs a punch with gorgeous photographs, a brief history of taiko drumming, drums and accompanying instruments used in taiko, costumes, drumming techniques and glossary. … a great introduction to the art of Japanese drumming."

World Music

"The little volume rests perfectly in your hand. The cover photograph of a man poised to strike a big drum stirs your curiosity. You open the book. Oh, wow. . . . Will captivate anyone with an iota of interest in the music of the 'fat drum.'"

Asian Reporter