Anime Classics Zettai!: 100 Must-See Japanese Animation Masterpieces (Out of Print)

No. Pages: 408
Dimensions: 7 x 7"
Format: Paperback and Digital
Price: US/18.95
ISBN: 9781933330228 (p) / 9781611725193 (e)
Release Date: 15-Sep-07


From Stone Bridge Press, award-winning publishers of The Anime Encyclopedia, Hayao Miyazaki, and The Astro Boy Essays, comes a must-have guide to 100 essential Japanese animation films, TV series, and made-for-video series, from 1950s classics to the latest Cartoon Network hits. Looking for something specific? Eight unique icons make reviews easy to browse. From Akira to Naruto, Pokemon to Sailor Moon, anime veterans Brian Camp and Julie Davis present over 100 black & white images alongside summaries, style notes, rare facts, viewer-discretion guides, and critical comments on films that fans absolutely must see.