Fiction / Poetry

A String of Flowers, Untied...

A new translation of the most lyrical moments from Japan's great classical romance.

The Art of Setting Stones

Philosophical essays on the beauty and meaning of traditional Japanese gardens.

The Astro Boy Essays

A tribute to Japan's God of Manga by his long-time American friend and translator. Includes rare, full-color, original Astro Boy Astro Boy art!

Tokio Whip

A group of people walk across, around, and all over Tokyo. They talk, talk, talk.


A luminous translation of the classic Buddhist poem.

Japanese Girl at the Siege of Changchun

An unforgettable memoir of the horrors suffered by a Japanese family trapped in Changchun, China, at the end of WW2 


A Long Rainy Season

The landmark anthology of contemporary Japanese women's poetry in English translation.

Amorous Woman

An American woman's sexual awakening in Japan, testing the limits of love and sensual pleasure. 

Basho's Narrow Road

A stimulating exploration of the haiku masterpiece.

Evening Clouds

A masterpiece of quiet lyricism set against a backdrop of change and renewal in suburban Tokyo.

Hidden Buddhas

A startling new novel from the author of Geisha and The Tale of Murasaki.

I Wait For The Moon

Momoko Kuroda (b. 1938) is a remarkable haiku spirit and a powerfully independent Japanese woman.

In the Woods of Memory

A powerful and thought-provoking novel that raises important questions about World War II, war memory, and US imperialism and blowback.


Twenty unusual tales from Japan collected by one of the greatest writers on the country.

Light from the East

Important and inspiring teachings of Asian wisdom in a single, accessible volume.

Milky Way Railroad

One night, alone on a hilltop, a young boy is swept aboard a magical train bound for the Milky Way. A classic in Japan, this tender fable is a book of great wisdom, offering insight into the afterlife.

Mobile Suit Gundam

The Gundam creator's own vision of his spectacularly successful cult franchise, in a new edition for hungry fans.

One Hot Summer in Kyoto

The tale of English teacher Peter Meadowes, who flees to Kyoto for a summer vacation and finds himself lusting after every woman he sees...

Other Side River: Free Verse

The second stunning volume of modern Japanese women poets.

Right under the big sky, I don't wear a hat

Haiku and occasional essays from an eccentric personality.

Still Life and Other Stories

A stunning tapestry of everyday life.

The Cape

An award-winning translation of the classic novella about the Japanese ghetto.

The Haiku Apprentice

Discover the beauty of haiku in this poetic memoir of life abroad.

The Haiku Seasons

An inspired introduction to the world of haiku and its seasonal charms.

The Name of the Flower

Extraordinary stories of everyday life.

The Silver Spoon

Perhaps the most admired childhood memoir ever written in Japan, The Silver Spoon is a sharp detailing of life at the end of the Meiji period (1912) through the eyes of a boy as he grows into adolescence.

Wind and Stone

In detailing the affair between a garden designer and his client's wife, this stylistic Japanese novel explores the roots of passion.