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Lessons from Japan for Sustainable Living, Architecture, and Design

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Stone Bridge Press is thrilled to share that Just Enough: Lessons from Japan for Sustainable Living, Architecture, and Design by author and Japanese architecture, design, and environmentalism expert Azby Brown is now available in both print and digital everywhere.

If we want to live sustainably, how should we feel about nature? About waste? About our forests and rivers? About food?

Just Enough is a book of stories and sketches that give valuable insight into what it is like to live in a sustainable society by describing life in Japan some two hundred years ago, during the late Edo period, when cities and villages faced many of the same environmental challenges we do today and met them beautifully and inventively.

Azby Brown is a leading authority on Japanese architecture, design, and environmentalism and the author of several groundbreaking books, including Small Spaces (1993), The Japanese Dream House (2001), The Very Small Home (2005), and The Genius of Japanese Carpentry (1989/2014). He is lead researcher for Safecast, a global citizen-science organization that pioneered crowdsourced environmental monitoring. Azby Brown has lived in Japan since 1985


"An immersive study that takes a fascinating look at how ethically sound living can permeate an entire culture. It makes a persuasive case for nature-based solutions to current environmental challenges."

Ho Lin, Foreword Reviews

“I cannot overstate the importance of Just Enough. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to help make today’s world more sustainable, and capable of surviving the current imbalances of climate, energy, and resource distribution. . . . There’s no other way to say it: This is an extraordinary book that holds the keys we’re looking for to rebalance both our planet and our own lives. Read it, please.”

Sarah Susanka, Architect and author of The Not So Big House series, and The Not So Big Life

“As we all look forward with hope for a cradle to cradle world, Azby Brown honors us with the great gift of seeing the past of Japan with fresh eyes. I was born in Japan in 1951; I know firsthand what inspiration can be found in its history of exquisitely elegant and effective solutions to everyday needs as we create the designs of the future.”

William McDonough, Award-winning sustainable architect, co-author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things



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