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  • Announcing The Thorn Puller by Hiromi Ito

    Stone Bridge Press is pleased to announce the first publication under our new imprint MONKEY, Hiromi Ito's The Thorn Puller. We are also proud to share that The Thorn Puller is the recipient of the 2020-2021 William F. Sibley Memorial Subvention Award for Japanese Translation. The Thorn Puller By Hiromi Ito Translated by Jeffrey Angles Publisher: Stone Bridge Press Imprint: MONKEY Release Date: 08/26/2022 No. Pages: 280 Dimensions: 5.5 x 8 inches Format: Print & Digital Price: $18.95 ISBN: 9781737625308 The first novel to appear in English by award-winning author Hiromi Ito explores the absurdities, complexities, and challenges experienced by a woman caring for her two families: her husband and daughters in California and her aging parents in Japan. As the narrator shuttles back and forth between these two starkly different cultures, she creates a powerful and entertaining narrative about what it means to live and die in a globalized society. Hiromi Ito came to national attention in Japan in the 1980s for her groundbreaking poetry about pregnancy, childbirth, and female sexuality. After relocating to the U.S. in the 1990s, she began to write about the immigrant experience and biculturalism. In recent years, she has focused on the ways that dying and death shape human experience. English translations include Killing Kanoko and Wild Grass on the Riverbank. Jeffrey Angles is a writer and professor of Japanese at Western Michigan University. He is the first non-native poet writing in Japanese to win the Yomiuri Prize for Literature, a highly coveted prize for poetry. His translation of the modernist classic The Book of the Dead by Shinobu Orikuchi won both the Miyoshi Award and the Scaglione Prize for translation. The Thorn Puller is the proud recipient of the 2020-2021 William F. Sibley Memorial Subvention Award for Japanese Translation. The William F. Sibley Memorial Subvention Award for Japanese Translation is an annual competition coordinated by the Committee on Japanese Studies at the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago. Sibley was Associate Professor Emeritus in East Asian Languages &Civilizations and a renown scholar and translator of Japanese literature. He is best known for his work, The Shiga Hero, first published in 1979 by the University of Chicago Press, which introduced Western readers to the fiction of Shiga Naoya, one of Japan’s foremost modern writers. In keeping with Sibley’s lifelong devotion to translation and to the place of literature in the classroom, up to $3000 is awarded each year as a publishing subvention for translations of Japanese literature into English.

  • Tokyo Junkie audiobook now available!

    Robert Whiting's captivating memoir, Tokyo Junkie: 60 Years of Bright Lights and Back Alleys . . . and Baseball is now available as an audiobook! A big thank you to SkyBoat Media for helping put this incredible project together. Take a listen and dive into the complex and gripping story of Robert Whiting's life in Tokyo here: Get a copy of the book here:

  • New Stone Bridge Press 2021 - 2022 Catalog

    Dear Friends, We are pleased to share the latest Stone Bridge Press catalog, featuring new titles from the upcoming 2021 - 2022 season, including Of Arcs and Circles, a new book from Japanese garden expert Marc Peter Keane, The Way Forward, the fifth volume in the Understanding China Through Comics Series from Jing Liu, and more! To view the catalog in your internet browser click here. Otherwise, check out the virtual catalog here. Basho's Haiku Journey By Freeman Ng, Illustrated by Cassandra Rockwood-Ghanem Available 10/19/21 ISBN: 9781611720693 A children's picture book of haiku that tell the story of the poet Basho and the diaries he wrote while walking throughout Japan in the 1600s. The Way Forward: From Early Republic to People’s Republic (1912 – 1949) By Jing Liu Available 03/15/22 ISBN: 9781611720709 Volume 5 in the Understanding China Through Comics Series. How China became the China we know today, through war and societal transformation. Kanazawa By David Joiner Available 01/25/22 ISBN: 9781611720716 In Kanazawa, Japan, Emmitt and his wife Mirai clash over how to pursue their future together until a 30-year-old mystery reveals a way forward. Of Arcs and Circles: Insights from Japan on Gardens, Nature, and Art By Marc Peter Keane Available 11/16/21 ISBN: 9781611720723 A renowned designer of Japanese gardens contemplates wildness, humanity, beauty, the liquid state of the world.

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  • The Understanding China Through Comics Series

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date NA # of Pages 144 Dimensions 6 x 8" Price (Print/Ebook) $14.95 PISBN (vol. 1 978161172-0273) (vol. 2 -0303) (vol. 3 -0341) (vol. 4 -0396) EISBN ​ The Understanding China Through Comics Series Volume 1 - 4 Author Jing Liu Author and artist Jing Liu uses strong ink art and a storyteller’s feel for pace and plot to depict storylines ranging from the political and economic to the cultural and personal. The result is a series of books that don’t simply recount China’s history but also leave readers with a nuanced understanding of the forces that shaped and continue to shape a great nation. Four volumes cover all the great dynasties, upheavals, population movements, and political alliances and rivalries from ancient times up to the modern age. Each volume includes a handy timeline. Volume 1: Foundations of Chinese Civilization Volume 2: Division to Unification in Imperial China Volume 3: Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity Volume 4: The Making of Modern China Preview Goodreads "A great way to learn about China's vast history!" —Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club "Excels at clarifying the often-confusing transitional periods between dynasties… An excellent introduction to the large trends of early Chinese history." —School Library Journal "Chinese language is being taught in all but one state... A comic format teaching China's history is the perfect companion." —US-China Review "Combines breezy style with historical rigor to strike just the right gong-tone for a middle school audience approaching the vast scope of Chinese history." — Education About Asia 5/5 Stars "An invaluable source... Chinese history is a vast subject, but Jing Liu has a skillful ability to condense it all into an interesting and manageable narrative." —Kids' Book Buzz "The combination of silhouettes—often threatening, martial ones—with open-faced, expressively individualized figures of many social classes adds dramatic tension while neatly balancing the big-picture narrative. There's a lot to absorb even in this abbreviated form, but the visual approach lightens the load considerably." — Kirkus Reviews "The lucid, economical text makes one eager for successive volumes." — Booklist "Simple and effective…This direct, appealing introduction to the foundations of one of the world’s oldest civilizations is recommended for teens and adults." — Library Journal "Given China's superpower ambitions, it goes without saying that our politicians must pick up a copy." —HuffPost "A clear and concise survey of Chinese history and culture that is sure to please." —The Comics Grinder 4.5/5 Stars "A very nice way to establish a foundation to understanding China’s history and a possible gateway to more intense study and comprehension of a very complex subject." — Portland Book Review "The book does what it says it does: a child will come away with a basic understanding of early Chinese history, what makes the Chinese tick as a people and culture." —Asian Review of Books "It is certainly a fascinating look at Chinese history, and doing it in comics has certainly made it more accessible to people, especially for the Western world." —Radio Australia Teacher and Professor Testimonials "This book is “The Magic School Bus” for those starting to explore Chinese culture." —Dan Cao, Instructor at Confucius Institute at UC Davis "An excellent history that clearly explains the great (and ordinary) people who have made China what it is and the conflicts and debates that have shaped Chinese history. There is nothing else like it in English or Chinese." —Alan Baumler, Professor of History at Indiana University of Pennsylvania "No more burying yourself in text-heavy history books to learn about China, this comic-style book manages to be rich in information and bring Chinese history to readers in a more clear, fun, and accessible way than it’s ever been done before. Easily integrated into a social studies or Chinese culture curriculum, I can’t wait to get a copy for my class." —Grace Zeng, Chinese Teacher and Middle School Chinese Curriculum Area Leader at International School of Beijing "Jing Liu has brought to life the long and complex early period of Chinese history in this wonderful graphic novel. Foundations of Chinese Civilization is a delight to read; humorous, informative, and truly captivating." —Alexandra Pearson, Founder of The Bookworm Literary Festival "Since the 1990s, Jing Liu has been entertaining and informing foreigners about China with his cartoons. His new series of comic books is a fun, easy, accessible way to gain a basic understanding of Chinese history and culture." —Jeremy Goldkorn, Founder of Danwei "This comic series is fantastic to use in the classroom. My students are drawn to this book - not only do they enjoy this graphic-novel style, it also helps them understand difficult historical concepts. What a fun supplement to the regular textbook!" —Leslie Burgoine, Middle School History Teacher, Portland, Oregon "I was really impressed with how the author explained, taught, explored and visually told the story of China. Impressive and very informative. It was not only a page turner for me, but my students would run into class to get their hands on a copy to keep reading!" —Sasha Johnson, World History Teacher at Black Pine Circle School, Berkeley, CA Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Jing Liu An artist and entrepreneur from Beijing, China, currently uses his artistry to tell the story of China. Learn More

  • The Japanese Tea Garden

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date 4/15/14 # of Pages 296 Dimensions 8 x 10" Price (Print/Ebook) $49.95 PISBN 9781611720150 EISBN NA The Japanese Tea Garden ​ Author Marc Peter Keane Almost every Japanese garden is influenced by the tea garden. Here, Marc Peter Keane describes the history, design, and aesthetics of tea gardens, from T'ang China to the present day, with over 115 stunning photographs, floor plans, and illustrations. The most extensive book on this genre ever published in English, The Japanese Tea Garden is a rich resource for garden lovers, historians, and landscape architects. Preview Goodreads "When Marc Peter Keane describes, with poetry and erudition, the experience of the Japanese garden today, he has no peer." —Leonard Koren, author of Wabi-Sabi "Marc Peter Keane is the undisputed American master of Japanese garden scholars. . . . Since tea gardens have had a major impact on the design of Japanese gardens in general, this book is a necessary addition to the library of any serious student. The rest of us will enter with humility —mindful of the small door through which one must crawl into the tea room—and sip slowly." —New York Times Sunday Book Review "Impeccably written, erudite without being burdensomely intellectual, what sets Keane’s beautifully measured and considered prose style apart from other garden writers is the carefully created mood of his text, which aspires at times to verbalized contemplation. . . . Likely to remain the standard work on the subject for a very long time to come" —Stephen Mansfield, Kyoto Journal "An incredibly beautiful and extremely detailed look at one of the world's most transcendent landscape arts." —The Avant Gardener (NY) "For anyone with a serious interest in Japanese gardens this is an essential purchase." —Graham Hardman , Japanese Garden Society (UK) "A thoroughly engaging, insightful observer." —Booklist Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Marc Peter Keane Lived in Japan for 20 years, designing gardens for individuals, companies, and temples. Author of The Japanese Tea Garden , The Art of Setting Stones and Japanese Garden Design (Tuttle Publishing, 2000). He is co-author (with Jiro Takei) of Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden , (Tuttle, 2001). Learn More

  • The Anime Companion

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date 10/17/17 # of Pages 176 Dimensions 7 x 9" Price (Print/Ebook) $18.95 PISBN 9781880656969 EISBN NA The Anime Companion More What's Japanese in Japanese Animation? - Out of Print Author Gilles Poitras THIS TITLE IS OUT OF PRINT This long-awaited "companion" volume boasts over 500 all-new glossary-style entries to help you decipher anime's distinctive content, images and cultural motifs. Ranging from Aikido to Zero fighters (with Japanese Mountain Vegetables in between), Gilles Poitras covers the minutiae of anime in fascinating detail, including illustrations, anime images, film citations and numerous references to the related art of manga. More than a guide, The Anime Companion 2 is a pop survey of Japanese art, kitsch, history, food and daily life. Now with entries in kanji and English, The Anime Companion remains the best friend an otaku ever had. Volume 1 was chosen for New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age List. Preview Goodreads Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Gilles Poitras A writer on anime, manga and Japanese culture. He has taken his popular anime website and created a print version in the form of The Anime Companion. Learn More

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