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  • Tokyo Junkie audiobook now available!

    Robert Whiting's captivating memoir, Tokyo Junkie: 60 Years of Bright Lights and Back Alleys . . . and Baseball is now available as an audiobook! A big thank you to SkyBoat Media for helping put this incredible project together. Take a listen and dive into the complex and gripping story of Robert Whiting's life in Tokyo here: Get a copy of the book here:

  • New Stone Bridge Press 2021 - 2022 Catalog

    Dear Friends, We are pleased to share the latest Stone Bridge Press catalog, featuring new titles from the upcoming 2021 - 2022 season, including Of Arcs and Circles, a new book from Japanese garden expert Marc Peter Keane, The Way Forward, the fifth volume in the Understanding China Through Comics Series from Jing Liu, and more! To view the catalog in your internet browser click here. Otherwise, check out the virtual catalog here. Basho's Haiku Journey By Freeman Ng, Illustrated by Cassandra Rockwood-Ghanem Available 10/19/21 ISBN: 9781611720693 A children's picture book of haiku that tell the story of the poet Basho and the diaries he wrote while walking throughout Japan in the 1600s. The Way Forward: From Early Republic to People’s Republic (1912 – 1949) By Jing Liu Available 03/15/22 ISBN: 9781611720709 Volume 5 in the Understanding China Through Comics Series. How China became the China we know today, through war and societal transformation. Kanazawa By David Joiner Available 01/25/22 ISBN: 9781611720716 In Kanazawa, Japan, Emmitt and his wife Mirai clash over how to pursue their future together until a 30-year-old mystery reveals a way forward. Of Arcs and Circles: Insights from Japan on Gardens, Nature, and Art By Marc Peter Keane Available 11/16/21 ISBN: 9781611720723 A renowned designer of Japanese gardens contemplates wildness, humanity, beauty, the liquid state of the world.

  • UPDATE: The Minamata Story and Yamamba

    After a long and uncertain year due to COVID-19, The Minamata Story: An Eco Tragedy, which was originally set to be published in 2020 has now been officially set to June of 2021. Likewise, due to printing and shipping delays we have been made to push back the date of Yamamba: In Search of the Japanese Mountain Witch to June as well. The Minamata Story will be available everywhere 06/15/2021. Yamamaba will be available everywhere 06/22/2021. Please find more information on both books below. Be well and stay safe. 気を付けて! The SBP staff A powerful graphic novel /manga that tells the story of "Minamata disease," a debilitating and sometimes fatal condition caused by the Chisso chemical factory's careless release of methylmercury into the waters of the coastal community of Minamata in southern Japan. First identified in 1956, it became a hot topic in Japan in the 1970s and 80s, growing into an iconic struggle between people versus corporations and government agencies. The event is also the subject of the 2020 Andrew Levitas directed Johnny Depp film, Minamata. This struggle is relevant today, not simply because many people are still living with the disease but also because, in this time of growing concern over the safety of our environment--viz. Flint, Michigan--Minamata gives us as a very moving example of such human-caused environmental disasters and what we can do about them. Available where all books are sold June 15th, 2021 PRE-ORDER The Minamata Story Alluring, nurturing, dangerous, and vulnerable, the yamamba, or Japanese mountain witch, has intrigued audiences for centuries. What is it about the fusion of mountains with the solitary old woman that produces such an enigmatic figure? And why does she still call to us in this modern, scientific era? Co-editors Rebecca Copeland and Linda C. Ehrlich first met the yamamba in the powerful short story “The Smile of the Mountain Witch” by acclaimed woman writer Ōba Minako. The story revealed the compelling way creative women can take charge of misogynistic tropes, invert them, and use them to tell new stories of female empowerment. This unique collection represents the creative and surprising ways artists and scholars from North America and Japan have encountered the yamamba. Available where all books are sold June 22nd, 2021 PRE-ORDER Yamamba

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  • The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date 10/1/08 # of Pages 120 Dimensions 7 x 11" Price (Print/Ebook) $19.95 PISBN 9781933330792 EISBN NA The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy A Visual Appreciation of The Perfection of Wisdom Author Nadja Van Ghelue THIS TITLE IS OUT OF PRINT With an embossed cover and full page, two-color calligraphic art throughout, The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy is a beautiful gift and a unique resource for study and reflection. Presenting the world's most popular sutra in ancient Chinese seal script, it includes a new English translation, a transliteration of the original Zen chant, and an introduction that discusses the history, meaning, and spiritual significance of the Heart Sutra and Asian calligraphy. Buddhists and artists alike will delight in this inspired and meditative treatment of a treasured wisdom source. Preview Goodreads Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Nadja Van Ghelue Studied traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean calligraphy. Learn More

  • Kwaidan

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date 4/1/07 # of Pages 142 Dimensions 5.3 x 7.5" Price (Print/Ebook) $2.95 PISBN NA EISBN 9780893469641 Kwaidan Stories and Studies of Strange Things Author Lafcadio Hearn A miscellany of ghost stories, odd tales, and curious observations by a master storyteller who penetrated Japan more deeply than any other Westerner. Lafcadio Hearn captures the folk spirit and quaint “exoticism” of a land thought at the time to be both mysterious and sinister. Preview Goodreads Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Lafcadio Hearn A writer, known best for his books about Japan, especially his collections of Japanese legends and ghost stories, such as Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. Learn More

  • The Book of Tea

    SBP 2020-2021 Catalog Details Publish Date 4/1/07 # of Pages 128 Dimensions 5.3 x 7.5" Price (Print/Ebook) $9.95/$2.95 PISBN 9781933330174 EISBN 9780893469672 The Book of Tea ​ Author Kakuzo Okakura This brief but classic essay on tea drinking, its history, restorative powers, and rich connection to Asia places 'teaism' at the very center of Japanese life, shaping everything from art to architecture. A key reference for Japanese arts and ways. Preview Goodreads Books sold at E-Books sold at About the Author(s) Kakuzo Okakura Was a Japanese scholar who contributed to the development of arts in Japan. Outside Japan, he is chiefly remembered today as the author of The Book of Tea. Learn More

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