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    • MONKEY and Stone Bridge Press partner for new imprint

      Stone Bridge Press is proud to announce a new partnership with MONKEY New Writing From Japan to publish novels, stories, and graphic narratives by innovative Japanese authors and rising international stars. MONKEY New Writing from Japan, a literary magazine based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and produced in Pittsburgh and Tokyo, and Stone Bridge Press of Berkeley, California, announce a new imprint devoted to contemporary Japanese fiction in translation. The MONKEY imprint will focus on novels, stories, and graphic narratives by innovative Japanese authors and rising international stars. The editors of the literary magazine MONKEY New Writing from Japan—Ted Goossen, Motoyuki Shibata, and Meg Taylor—will work with Stone Bridge publisher Peter Goodman to acquire brilliant translations of exciting new work. Using Stone Bridge Press’s distribution channels through Consortium Book Sales and Ingram International, the venture will be able to deliver these works to audiences worldwide and in every format. The MONKEY imprint comes at a time of growing popular interest in Japanese writers as well as new commercial and critical success. Many MONKEY contributors have already been recognized. For example, the New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2020 included four titles translated from Japanese, including Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami, translated by David Boyd and Sam Bett—all three contributors to MONKEY. Where the Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda, translated by Polly Barton, appeared on Time magazine’s 100 Best Books of 2020—both Matsuda and Barton are regular contributors to MONKEY. According to Meg Taylor, President of the MONKEY nonprofit corporation and Managing Editor of the literary magazine, “The new MONKEY imprint at Stone Bridge will be well positioned to ride this ever-expanding wave of interest in Japanese fiction.” MONKEY also seeks to elevate the contribution of Japanese-English translators by paying them competitive rates and a share of the royalties and by acknowledging them on the cover as well as the title page. Taylor emphasizes, “We plan to work with the translators we’ve developed strong working relationships with through MONKEY New Writing from Japan—who happen to be among the best Japanese-to-English translators in the world.” “It is really exciting to be involved with MONKEY and they are a great fit for our Japan-focused list,” says Stone Bridge Publisher Peter Goodman. “Publishing literary works is challenging on so many levels. Quality is job one, of course, but getting the word out, getting reviews, and reaching audiences are just as important. The MONKEY imprint will produce amazing works, and we are well positioned to deliver them to eager readers no matter where in the world they are.” The first title in the MONKEY imprint is expected in spring 2022 with additional works in every subsequent release cycle. MONKEY New Writing from Japan is the English-language offspring of the Tokyo-based Japanese literary magazine MONKEY, founded by Motoyuki Shibata, one of Japan’s most acclaimed translators of American fiction (Paul Auster, Laird Hunt, Steven Millhauser, and Richard Powers, among others). Selections are made by Shibata, Ted Goossen, one of the leading translators of Japanese fiction working today (Haruki Murakami, Hiromi Kawakami, and Sachiko Kishimoto, among others), and Taylor. Stone Bridge Press was established in 1989 and is known for its many books about Japan in areas as diverse as literature, travel, design, language, and popular culture. Publisher Peter Goodman previously worked for nearly a decade in Tokyo for Charles Tuttle and Kodansha International. Stone Bridge translations have four times been awarded the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Prize for the Translation of Japanese Literature from the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture at Columbia University.

    • Announcing: Japan from Anime to Zen by David Watts Barton

      Stone Bridge Press is pleased to announce the publication of Japan from Anime to Zen: Quick Takes on Culture, Art, History, Food . . . and More by award-winning journalist David Watts Barton. Pre-orders are now up ahead of the April 27th release date. An accessible compendium of the most important aspects of Japanese arts, culture and history, for quick reference or a longer, in-depth read, for actual and armchair travelers alike. This friendly guide offers concise but detailed demystifications of more than 85 aspects of ancient and modern Japan. It can be read in sequence, or just dipped into, depending on the moment’s need. Explanations go much deeper than a typical travel guide and cover 1,500 years of history and culture, everything from geisha to gangsters, haiku to karaoke, the sun goddess to the shogunate . . . and anime to Zen. "Japan from Anime to Zen brings readers a wealth of interesting and relevant information covering a broad variety of topics with an impressive amount of detail. I learned a lot!" —Abby Denson, Cool Japan Guide "This is truly a book about Japan from A to Z. David Barton offers deep insight into Japanese culture, history, and language to show what makes Japan so endlessly fascinating. An excellent achievement!" —Yoji Yamakuse, author of Japaneseness David Watts Barton is a Berlin-based, award-winning freelance journalist who has covered popular music, culture, religion, travel and other topics for 40 years, in newspapers and magazines, on radio and online. Some of his work in different media can be found at Yuko Nagasaki is a Tokyo-based freelance illustrator. Japan from Anime to Zen: Quick takes on Culture, Art, History, Food…And More By David Watts Barton, Illustrated by Yuko Nagasaki Available 04/27/21 Travel/Art/History/Philosophy Print ISBN: 9781611720631 eBook ISBN: 9781611729450 $18.95 Print/ $9.99 Digital 304 pages Trim 5.25" x 8" Format: Paperback / softback Pre order Japan from Anime to Zen here

    • Now Streaming: The Books on Asia Podcast

      We are delighted to to announce that Stone Bridge Press is now the official sponsor of The Books on Asia Podcast, hosted by Amy Chavez. Created by author and journalist Amy Chavez in 2018, Books on Asia is your guide to finding quality books on Japan and Asia. By offering thought-provoking content in the form of book excerpts, reviews, literary criticism, author interviews and a podcast, Books on Asia hopes to create an intelligent space for people to explore issues on Asia in-depth. Now with Stone Bridge Press as a sponsor, The Books on Asia Podcast strives to introduce intimate discussions with the best authors on Japan and Asia as they open up about their current projects, influences, writing methods, and more. Subscribe to The Books on Asia Podcast and check out the first seven episodes including Haruki Murakami translator Lena Baibikov, Tokyo Kill author Barry Lancet, and Ghost of the Tsunami author Richard Lloyd Parry. The Books on Asia Podcast is available now from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube here:

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    • Jonathan Clements

      Stone Bridge Press Authors Jonathan Clements Jonathan Clements is the author of many books on East Asian history, including biographies of emperors and empresses, statesmen and warriors, foreign visitors and outcast rebels. His works have been translated into over a dozen languages, including French, Spanish, Korean and Dutch, and he achieved a rare distinction when his book on the First Emperor of China was itself published in Chinese. Titles by Author The Anime Encyclopedia by Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy Updated and expanded! 1,000,000+ words on films, artists, studios, themes, and Japan's animation culture, with key data and advisories. Read More The Dorama Encyclopedia by Jonathan Clements An encyclopedic survey with a sense of humor. Read More

    • Hisao Inagaki

      Stone Bridge Press Authors Hisao Inagaki was born in 1929 in Kobe. He is Professor Emeritus of the Ryukoku University in Kyoto (Japan). He received his PhD from the University of London and taught Buddhism at the university. He returned to Japan to become a professor at the Ryukoku University. Hisao Inagaki In addition he served as a visiting professor at the University of California (Berkeley), the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Aside from teaching, Inagaki also held offices for the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies and has written numerous books. He was the recipient of the 43rd Bukkyo Dendo Distinguished Service Award. The honour is presented to personalities who have made important contributions to the promotion of Buddhism. Titles by Author A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms by Hisao Inagaki A vital resource for students of Buddhism and Japanese Culture, revised and expanded. Read More A Glossary of Zen Terms by Hisao Inagaki Of special interest to scholars and students of Zen classics, a glossary of specialized vocabulary to aid understanding and practice. Read More

    • Stefan H. Verstappen

      Stone Bridge Press Authors Stefan H. Verstappen Stefan H. Verstappen is a Canadian author, researcher, and adventurer. He has written dozens of articles for various magazines and newspapers and is the author of 8 books including; T , and he Way of the Warrior, The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China The Art of Urban Survival. He has worked as an instructor for St John Ambulance, a wilderness guide, a community organizer, and a martial arts instructor with over thirty-five years’ experience in the martial arts including four years spent studying in China. He is the creator of the viral YouTube documentary, , and the series and 200 other videos. Defense Against the Psychopath Paradise Stolen Titles by Author Chinese Business Etiquette by Stefan H. Verstappen A compact reference for anyone working in China or with the Chinese. Avoid mistakes and do things right and polite! Read More

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