Sue Shinomiya

Ms. Sue Shinomiya (formerly Kallenbach), is a business consultant, corporate trainer, coach, webinar leader and entrepreneur specializing in global business effectiveness for international corporations, transferees and global virtual teams.

Sue holds an MBA from San Francisco State University, including a scholarship at the Institute of International Studies and Trade in Japan. Her nearly 25 years in the intercultural field have included nine years working and living in Japan, and nearly six years managing an on-site program at Intel, Japan. HP, Intel, The Gap, Nike, Tektronix and Starbucks number among her many clients. Sue is a Board Member of SIETAR USA, an intercultural professional association, and is a certified Global Diversity Workforce Practioner.

Titles by Author

Business Passport to Japan

Business Passport to Japan

by Sue Shinomiya & Brian Szepkouski

A fresh, interactive approach to working in 21st-century Japan, filled with insight and examples.