Takuma Sminkey

Takuma Sminkey (né Paul Sminkey) is a professor in the Department of British and American Language and Culture at Okinawa International University. He has been living in Japan for over twenty years and acquired Japanese citizenship in 2010. He received a master’s degree in English literature from Temple University and a master’s in Advanced Japanese Studies from Sheffield University. His translations include A Rabbit’s Eyes by Haitani Kenjirō (2005) and Ichigensan—The Newcomer by David Zoppetti (2011).

Titles by Author

In the Woods of Memory

In the Woods of Memory

by Shun Medoruma, Translated by Takuma Sminkey, Afterword by Kyle Ikeda

A powerful and thought-provoking novel that raises important questions about World War II, war memory, and US imperialism and blowback.