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Humphrey the Lost Whale


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Humphrey the Lost Whale

A True Story

The heartwarming true story of a wrong-way humpback whale who is helped and cheered back to freedom in San Francisco.

Humpback whales are magnificent creatures that sing beautiful songs to each other underwater. In the whole world there are very few of them, so each one is quite special.

And they are intelligent. Every winter they travel south, every summer they head north, and they always know the way.

But even whales can make mistakes . . .

In October 1985 a forty-five-foot long, forty-ton humpback whale wandered into San Francisco Bay and for twenty-six days struggled mightily to find his way back to the ocean. This true, illustrated story of Humphrey's adventure has been a children's favorite for more than twenty-five years. The 2014 edition has updated news on whales but retains the beloved art and text for big-ocean-mammal lovers everywhere. Adopted for Reading Rainbow.

"A light-hearted approach to the problem of beached whales, Humphrey's story allows librarians to give a happy 'yes' to that often-asked question, 'Is this a true story?'"

School Library Journal

"What happens to Humphrey makes a fascinating and delightful story for young and old alike."

"A perfect gift for animal loving children."

The Portland Book Review

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About the Author(s)

Wendy Tokuda

Wendy Tokuda

A well-known Bay Area media personality with numerous broadcasting awards. Tokuda wrote two children's books with Richard Hall: Shiro in Love and Humphrey the Whale, which remains in print after more than 20 years.

Richard Hall

Richard Hall

An award-winning TV and film producer in Los Angeles, California.

Hanako Wakiyama

Hanako Wakiyama

Developed a love of art early on, and her first illustration project, Wendy Tokuda's Humphrey, the Lost Whale: A True Story, was published shortly after she completed college.

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