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Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide

Affordable Dining in Traditional Townhouse Spaces

Machiya, or townhouses, are traditional wooden dwellings in Kyoto that evoke the elegance and culture of Japan's old capital with their architectural details, beautiful gardens, and intimate rooms. Many have been converted into restaurants to create unforgettable dining experiences. Enjoying healthy food in a historic, traditional Kyoto environment is a rare pleasure. Here are some 130 restaurant listings (food, decor, hours, addresses, prices, maps, and index) and a photographic guide to machiya architecture, culture, and aesthetics.

Ebook update January 2020

The most significant change in this new, e-book-only edition, is the addition of restaurants. Restaurants that are no longer operating have been removed from the listings, but many more have opened to take their place. In all, approximately 100 new entries appear in this edition. While most restaurants fit within the original confines of the provided maps, a few have strayed outside these bounds. These can be identified with an * beside their name in the map legend and an arrow on the map to indicate their location. Consult a particular restaurant’s entry in the text for the exact address and directions.