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The Japanese Tea Garden


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The Japanese Tea Garden

Marc Peter Keane describes the history, design, and aesthetics of tea gardens, from T'ang China to the present day...

Almost every Japanese garden is influenced by the tea garden. Here, Marc Peter Keane describes the history, design, and aesthetics of tea gardens, from T'ang China to the present day, with over 115 stunning photographs, floor plans, and illustrations. 

The most extensive book on this genre ever published in English, The Japanese Tea Garden is a rich resource for garden lovers, historians, and landscape architects.

"When Marc Peter Keane describes, with poetry and erudition, the experience of the Japanese garden today, he has no peer."

Leonard Koren, author of Wabi-Sabi

"Marc Peter Keane is the undisputed American master of Japanese garden scholars. . . . Since tea gardens have had a major impact on the design of Japanese gardens in general, this book is a necessary addition to the library of any serious student. The rest of us will enter with humility —mindful of the small door through which one must crawl into the tea room—and sip slowly."

New York Times Sunday Book Review

"Impeccably written, erudite without being burdensomely intellectual, what sets Keane’s beautifully measured and considered prose style apart from other garden writers is the carefully created mood of his text, which aspires at times to verbalized contemplation. . . . Likely to remain the standard work on the subject for a very long time to come"

Stephen Mansfield, Kyoto Journal

"An incredibly beautiful and extremely detailed look at one of the world's most transcendent landscape arts."

The Avant Gardener (NY)

"For anyone with a serious interest in Japanese gardens this is an essential purchase."

Graham Hardman , Japanese Garden Society (UK)

"A thoroughly engaging, insightful observer."


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About the Author(s)

Marc Peter Keane

Marc Peter Keane

Lived in Japan for 20 years, designing gardens for individuals, companies, and temples. Author of The Japanese Tea Garden, The Art of Setting Stones and Japanese Garden Design (Tuttle Publishing, 2000). He is co-author (with Jiro Takei) of Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden, (Tuttle, 2001).

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