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Tokio Whip

Tokio Whip

A group of people walk across, around, and all over Tokyo. They talk, talk, talk.

This is the story of Roberta and Lang and their friends, and their experience of the great Japanese city Tokyo in all its many manifestations to their inquiring, observing, and wandering minds as they banter over the details of a party, a fillm, the Songs Common to Dreams, Tokyo’s history, the Names of Love.

Tokio Whip is a distinctly stylistic Yamanote station-by-station tour-de- force discovering the City of Language, the City as Language.

“Tokio Whip: Warp ’n’ Woof,” a helpful appendix to this book and a guide to its creation and understanding, is available here as a free pdf.

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"One of the 10 best books about Japan in 2016 . . . 'The essential Tokyo novel.'"

The Japan Times

"Tokio Whip exults in a discovery that every Tokyoite makes: that the constant sense of disorientation created by a city of such vastness and variety can offer a giddy form of liberation; that one can find oneself in being lost."

Kyoto Journal

"[Arturo Silva] gives us perhaps the first Tokyo novel not by a Japanese that satisfies both in its vision of the Japanese capital and in its vision of what a novel can be... Tokio Whip we come to see, is part of the lineage of great modernist novels about cities."

David Cozy, The Japan Times

"A consistently compelling and deftly crafted novel by an exceptionally gifted novelist, Arturo Silva's Tokio Whip is strongly recommended for both community and academic library Literary Fiction collections."

The Midwest Book Review

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About the Author(s)

Arturo Silva

Arturo Silva

Arturo Silva spent 18 years in Tokyo and now lives in Vienna, Austria, where he teaches and writes about film.

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