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Tokyo Stroll


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Tokyo Stroll

A Guide to City Sidetracks and Easy Exploration

The ultimate guidebook to walking the streets of Tokyo that Japan lovers and the curious have been waiting for.

Tokyo Stroll is for travelers who want to walk and wander the streets and discover the city as it unfolds before their eyes. Select neighborhoods are profiled with detailed maps identifying locations and landmarks of interest. 

There is no “start at point A and go to point B” prescribed route. Instead readers are encouraged to wander as whimsy takes them. Food, shopping, and sights at every turn are provided with descriptions and over 150 maps to aid discovery. Also included are detailed notes on etiquette, money, and travel to make your trip to Tokyo as smooth as possible. 

Look no further, the ultimate guide to enjoying everything from popular destinations to the hidden gems of Tokyo is here.

Tokyo Vice author Jake Adelstein, says in his Foreword: “If you want to know how it feels to live in an old neighborhood, dine on delights not yet splattered all over Instagram, see wonders hidden in narrow alleys, and know the meaning of the mystical monuments and statues in back alley shrines and temples, then this is the book for you. It’s so much more than a guidebook; it’s a Japanese history lesson, a conversation, an invitation to explore areas of the city you had no idea existed and rediscover parts of the city you thought you knew.”

The Tokyo Stroll Supplement- A guide on how to load locations from the book into, Google Maps, or Google Earth

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About the Author(s)

Gilles Poitras

Gilles Poitras

A writer on anime, manga and Japanese culture. He has taken his popular anime website and created a print version in the form of The Anime Companion.

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