The Flower Shop: Charm, Grace, Beauty & Tenderness in a Commercial Context

No. Pages: 112
Dimensions: 6 x 8.4"
Format: Paperback
Price: US/19.95
ISBN: 9781933330006 (p)
Release Date: 1-Sep-05


If beauty is defined as a quality encompassing both extraordinary sensoriality and exemplary human behavior, then possibly the most beautiful flower shop in the world is located in Vienna's low-key but hip 4th District. Blumenkraft (literally, "Flower Power") is a place of inspiration, refuge, and virtue that will inform and enlighten anyone involved in design and modern commerce. Mixing analysis, anecdote, and observation, Leonard Koren once again reveals the key principles of practical wisdom at work in the world. His concise and lucid text is illustrated by his own photographs.