The Haiku Apprentice: Memoirs of Writing Poetry in Japan

No. Pages: 224
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8"
Format: Paper & Digital
Price: US/14.95
ISBN: 9781933330044 (p) / 9780893469894 (e)
Release Date: 1-May-06


Abigail Friedman was an American diplomat in Tokyo, not a writer. A chance encounter leads her to a haiku group, where she discovers poetry that anyone can enjoy writing. Her teacher and fellow haiku group members instruct her in seasonal flora and fauna, and gradually she learns to describe the world in plain words, becoming one of the millions in Japan who lead a haiku life. This is the author's story of her literary and cultural voyage, and more: it is an invitation to readers to form their own neighborhood haiku groups and, like her, learn to see the world anew.