Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections

No. Pages: 112
Dimensions: 5 x 7"
Format: Paperback & Digital
Price: US/12.95
ISBN: 9781933330938 (p) / 9781611725124 (e)
Release Date: 19-Jul-11


These sixty poems on the Buddha's six "perfections," or qualities for a meaningful life—generosity, kindness, patience, joy, stillness, wisdom—were written over years of yoga and meditation practice, inspired by Tibetan Heart Yoga, nature, Buddhism, Osho, Tantra, ancient Japanese and Chinese poetry, Rumi, Kabir, haiku, love, and life. They seek to capture a journey from the physical body to the subtle body to the light body, until the heart bursts open into the beautiful radiance of divine energy in the world.

"Yoga Heart is a tiny treasure to hold and to behold. Even the typography and colors are food for contemplation...highly recommended for people who will not only read the lines for enjoyment, but also use them for contemplation and right action in life." — New York Journal of Books