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Author Doris Bargen blurbs 'Forty Seven Samurai'

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Doris G. Bargen, Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and author of Suicidal Honor: General Nogi and the Writings of Mori Ōgai and Natsume Sōseki (2006) has contributed her thoughts on Hiroaki Sato's upcoming analysis of the story of the Forty-Seven Samurai. 

"Sato’s newest book paints a fascinating picture of one of Japan’s most complex historical incidents, best known as “The 47 Rōnin.” Scholars and students of history and literature will find a treasure trove of source materials, including haiku and letters, presented here for the first time to a non-Japanese audience.

Sato has put together detailed accounts from multiple viewpoints about the masterless samurai who avenged their lord and were willing to sacrifice their lives for breaking the rules in doing so. By creating a Rashōmon Effect with his multi-faceted approach Sato succeeded in further deepening the mysteries of the Incident."

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