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Indie books for indie booksellers!

Indie books for indie booksellers!

Stone Bridge Press founder Peter Goodman talks about how to make indie booksellers and indie publishers friends again.

"What if there was a way to make all these hundreds of thousands of books available in the local bookshop?

"I think there is. I call it Indie Book. I know my concept is not shovel-ready, but I offer it here as a 'thought experiment' for a possible vision of a new future in which book publishers and booksellers can truly support each other and break free of antiquated systems of mutual obstruction.

"IndieBook, simply put, is a brick-and-mortar retail environment where real indie booksellers sell real indie books. Not just books from small publishers already served by Consortium, IPG, Midpoint, PGW, and IPS, but books from publishers of every size and scale."

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