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Japan Times lists "Tokio Whip" in their 10 best books about Japan in 2016

A big thanks to The Japan Times for including Arturo Silva's Tokio Whip on their "10 best books about Japan released in 2016" list. 

They say "Arturo Silva understands that simple first-this-happened-then-that-happened narratives — not to mention bildungsroman about young people finding themselves in Japan — don’t suffice to capture the chaotic order and ordered chaos that is Tokyo. Rather, as Silva explains, “A style to accommodate chaos — that’s what we want here,” and that’s what he gives us in “Tokio Whip.”

He builds his novel around a love story, but what keeps us turning pages is not the narrative, but the fragments, the conversations, the descriptions, the guidebook pastiches, the film trivia and the other goodies of which “Tokio Whip” is assembled. It is the essential Tokyo novel." 

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