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Kyoto Journal reviews 'My Year of Dirt and Water'

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"In understanding another culture, there are layers of learning, and the more you know, the more complicated it becomes. This is nowhere more true than in Japan."

Thanks to Rebecca Otowa of Kyoto Journal for her review of Tracy Franz's My Year of Dirt and Water: Journal of a Zen Monk's Wife in Japan. And a big thank you for the kind words about Stone Bridge as well! 

"Even before the first page has been turned, My Year of Dirt invites the reader to indulge in his (or her) assumptions. First, the publisher, Stone Bridge Press, is famous for books on Japan, treating of culture and self improvement based on exposure to this evocative culture. If you pick up a Stone Bridge Press book, you probably already know a bit about Japan and are looking to learn more."

Read the full review at the Kyoto Journal website here:

Grab a copy of My Year of Dirt and Water here:



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