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Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide ebook update

Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide ebook

We're excited to finally share that the classic Judith Clancy guidebook, Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide: Affordable Dining in Traditional Townhouse Spaces has been updated with tons of new listings! 

The beautiful and historically rich city of Kyoto has gone through many changes through its history. Many books have compiled the changes over time, however there is no better guidebook to the beautiful Machiya restaurants than Judith's. Since the book was published some restaurants have closed and many new ones have come to take their place. 

The new update to the ebook edition of the book includes over 100 new must-see restaurants and updates to previous listings for those that have closed or moved. The ebook also lets you jump between the maps, the index, and the main entries for each restaurant for a wonderfully light and functional experience. Perfect for the on-the-go traveler. 

Get the new edition from wherever ebooks are sold. A good place to start would be here:

Photo credit: Iori Machiya Stay in Downtown Kyoto – image © Chris Rowthorn


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