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New books coming this Fall!

Stone Bridge Press is thrilled to share the next lineup of books for our upcoming Fall 2023 - 2024 season including David Joiner's follow up to Kanazawa and the second release under our MONKEY imprint.


The Heron Catchers By David Joiner Available November 2023 Joiner's second novel set in the fabled Kanazawa area is an intimate yet understated look at an American who seeks recovery after his marriage to a Japanese woman has failed.

Dragon Palace A MONKEY FICTION TITLE By Hiromi Kawakami Translated by Ted Goosen Available September 2023 Stories from a Japanese master of transformative fiction, where reality, myth, and human foibles meet shifting dimensions of gender, biology, and destiny.

Off the Beaten Tracks in Japan By John Dougill Available January 2024 Observations on the people, culture, and history of Japan from a long-time resident riding the rails along the less-traveled western coastline.



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