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The Japan Foundation Sydney Library review of "The Osamu Tezuka Story"

The Japan Foundation Sydney Library just reviewed The Osamu Tezuka Story, providing some cultural insights into manga and Tezuka's impact along the way. Much appreciated!

Here's a taste of what the JFSL had to say:

"Manga artists of post war Japan had to do their work in the shadow of such inconveniences as Occupation censorship and grassroot debates over whether it constituted bad reading material. Manga didn’t have the literary and social acceptance it does today. On the other hand, children of the post war years were craving the adventures and escapism that manga provided and were fuelling an industry boom. Tezuka’s works were artistically innovative, story driven and hugely popular."

Read the full review here: http://jpf-sydney.tumblr.com/post/156559777045/the-osamu-tezuka-story-a-life-in-manga-and-anime