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Tofugu speaks with SBP author and translator Fred Schodt

Tofugu speaks with SBP author and translator Fred Schodt

In this interview, Tofugu chats with SBP author, translator, and interpreter Frederik Schodt. Fred is known for working closely with the “God of Manga” himself, Osamu Tezuka, as a translator and interpreter. He is also one of the first writers to help bring manga to the western world with his landmark book, Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics.

Fans of Osamu Tezuka (and manga in general) will enjoy this interview with the man who helped shape Tezuka’s voice and influence in the West.

They discuss:

- Fred’s roots in manga translation - What working with Osamu Tezuka is like - His thoughts on the manga translation industry - The path he took to become an interpreter - What was under Osamu Tezuka’s famous beret - The process in translating The Osamu Tezuka Story biography

For more info about Schodt or to order a copy of his latest translation, The Osamu Tezuka Story, click here:



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