The Anime Encyclopedia: 3rd Revised Edition: A Century of Japanese Animation

No. Pages: 1200
Dimensions: 7.50 x 9.25"
Format: Hardcover & Digital
Price: US/120.00
ISBN: 9781611720181
Release Date: 3-Mar-15


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Anime Encyclopedia Signed GalleryAnime Encyclopedia Signed GalleryAnime Encyclopedia Signed GalleryAnime Encyclopedia Signed Gallery
Anime Encyclopedia Signed GalleryAnime Encyclopedia Signed Gallery

This 3rd edition of The Anime Encyclopedia brings the landmark reference work up to date with six additional years of information on Japanese animation, its practitioners and products, as well as incisive thematic entries on anime history and culture. More than just generic listings, these reviews have snark, intelligence, and a discerning point of view. Data-obsessed fans will relish the extensive credits, online links, and cross-references, and parents and librarians will appreciate the content advisories.

About the author

Jonathan Clements is the author of many books on East Asian history, including biographies of emperors and empresses, statesmen and warriors, foreign visitors and outcast rebels. His works have been translated into over a dozen languages, including French, Spanish, Korean and Dutch, and he achieved a rare distinction when his book on the First Emperor of China was itself published in Chinese.

Helen McCarthy has been researching and writing about Japanese popular culture since 1981. After a decade hearing that there was "no interest in that sort of thing" she founded a magazine, Anime UK, to disprove the claim. Her first book was published just over a year later, and she's been writing about anime, manga and Japan ever since. Her work has been translated into Chinese, French, Italian and Korean.



10 out of 10 " even mightier tome than ever before, retaining its status as an absolutely required reference work on a subject too often discussed solely in guesswork and rumor." — MYM

"Invaluable to English-speaking scholars, fans and writers, serving as reliably exhaustive and often highly entertaining guides to a world that can seem as massive as it does impenetrable." — The Japan Times

"Full of interesting behind-the-scenes information on anime ranging from the famous to the forgotten; and the essays give an insightful look at anime history and culture." — Kotaku

"Your new go-to source for Anime information" — OtakuUSA

"Undeniably the definitive English language text about anime." — Crunchyroll

"The third edition of the Anime Encyclopedia is the best yet, and remains the definitive book on Japanese animation in English. Highly Recommended."— Animation For Adults

"A useful resource for parents and librarians." — Booklist

"Anyone interested in animation should have a copy of “The Anime Encyclopedia” to refer to regularly." — Indiewire

"Packed with information on every major topic and series under the sun, and filled to the brim with personality that encourages you to explore its pages and learn while you're being entertained as a result." — UK Anime Network

"Definitely something any pop culture and Japanese anime fan should have at their fingertips." — Forces of Geek