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'Bird Talk' translator, Frederik H. Green talks Xu Xu's life and legacy with University of Chicago

Xu Xu was a pivotal figure in Chinese literature of the 20th Century. As an exile who made Hong Kong his home in the 1950s, Xu Xu helped to frame modern Hong Kong literary culture, and strands of those works can be found in other medium from that time and even today.

While much of Xu Xu’s Hong Kong fiction explored the experience of Chinese exiles and was steeped in nostalgia, his neo-romantic tendencies also linked Hong Kong literature to a global literary modernity.

Join Professor Haun Saussy and Professor Frederik Green for a discussion of Xu Xu’s life and works in translation with reference to Professor Green’s new book Bird Talk and Other Stories.

Read more about and pick up a copy of Xu Xu's Bird Talk and Other Stories here.



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