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The SF Book Review, JQ Magazine, and Densho review "The Little Exile"

Everyone's talking about Jeanette Arakawa's new memoir, The Little Exile, including the San Francisco Book Review, JQ Magazine, and Densho, all of which have reviewed the book over the past week. Here's a little taste of each review.

The San Francisco Book Review: "Arakawa tells her remarkable story with neither bitterness nor anguish but spares no details of the disturbing experience."

JQ Magazine: "The Little Exile reveals a world of angst, but hope in a world that has been turned upside down."

Densho: "Arakawa’s detailed child’s eye view of that story is by turns funny, angry, and sad, like most children are. It is a worthwhile addition to the camp memoir club."

Big thanks to all three media outlets for their helpful and incisive reviews!