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Ripe Mangoes reviews 'A Shameful Life' by Osamu Dazai


Ripe Mangoes, a blog that highlights great manga, comics and other works from Japan has reviewed A Shameful Life, the new translation of Osamu Dazai's classic, Ningen shikkaku.

A big thank you to Luke Patitsas for diving deep into the text of Mark Gibeau's new translation and creating a thought provoking review of this complicated and dark classic. 

"Dazai’s egoism sometimes blunts the expressions of alienation he attempts to convey. But his disturbing, self-analytical writing is harrowing, and truly touches on the anxiety which lines the casing of ourselves. I can read A Shameful life and feel validated in the destructive, self-inflating thoughts.

I find myself pondering, though Yōzō’s form of expression felt more self-fulfilling than productive. However, your perception of Yōzō should not deter you from reading this piece; its exceptional prose and explorative dedication to our inner alienation creates a high compelling, and highly confronting read."



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